Obesity Camp in Las Vegas to Lose 100Lbs.

Obesity Camp in Las Vegas to Lose 100Lbs.

Obesity Camp Las Vegas

Obesity Camp Las Vegas offers a discreet personal training weight loss program.

More obese people are finding success at obesity camp Las Vegas.

Obesity Camp in Las Vegas

When Obesity Camp Las Vegas came up in his search, Al Olsen realized that he never dreamed that the day would come when he needed this help. But, unfortunately, the years and extra pounds come, and his physical abilities continue to decline.

He was humiliated when a customer had to help him to his feet during an inspection. 

His professional abilities were compromised, and he recognized how restricted he had become due to his obesity. Not knowing where to start in making a change, he searched for help. Being a Bostonian, he loves the east coast and is familiar with Florida.

Obesity Camp training and what Al did to start

First, TRX suspension training is the safest and the most full-body exercise you can do at home. Regardless of how long it has been since you had an active lifestyle, you can set new goals. Many physical therapists use the TRX (total resistance exercise) for patients to activate the entire body. Plus, you can work through a greater range of motion with the assistance of suspension.

Okay, so I am not going to do a sales pitch for the TRX. I just want to encourage you to start with the safest and most effective fitness training method. For inspiration, watch some of my recent client video testimonials. https://youtu.be/8m-NwrPcxqE

Many seniors fall and can’t get themselves back up again. It’s just a matter of learning what muscles you can rely on and practicing the movements rather than avoiding them. So, I hope this never happens to you where you find yourself in that helpless position of panic and pain. Please let me know if and when I can help. You may know that I have Zoom sessions available to help you remotely. Start with the TRX, and soon, you will be ready for the “get-up.”

Obesity Camp Las Vegas continued to look like the best option for him.

In spite of his love for Florida, he could recognize the unique difference that residential obesity camp supervision offered. Living in residence and abiding by a schedule for maintaining proper sleep, hydration, nutrition, and activity was key. There would be no one left behind in this household. All guests receive the attention needed on an individual basis.

Meet Al from Boston, 380 Lbs., age 49

When he first decided to find an obesity camp, he realized that his size was a mobility concern.

Al’s authority as a water damage restoration expert required him to get down and back up to inspect for black mold. As a result, he was humiliated when a customer had to help him to his feet during an inspection. Then, Al promised himself that would never happen again.

When his wife questioned how the business would manage with him going to obesity camp for six weeks, he asked her, “Seriously, what would you do if you lost me forever?” A reality check, for sure.

Obesity Camp for Morbidly Obese at Debra Stefan Fitness to Lose 100 Pounds in 4 Months 

Debra Stefan hosts a bike retreat at her fitness and weight loss obesity camp for adults that accommodates morbidly obese riders. Tricycles, bicycles, on the road, and trails for daily rides plus exercise variety suit each participant. Residential weight loss retreat guests work to lose 100 pounds and avoid weight loss surgery. The success story of a morbidly obese man from Boston proves his success in losing a hundred pounds and keeping it off long afterward.

Al remembers being invisible in gym class and other exercise groups.

He was not going to let that happen again. Finding an obesity camp is just what he always needed but never could find. Finally, he got individual attention at the Debra Stefan Fitness residence. Al became a member of the household, and his needs were a priority.

To this day, he doesn’t regret his choice. In fact, he attributes his success to this choice. The individual coaching progressions and personalized goals led him to victory he didn’t imagine possible. The private residence operating since 2008 stood the test of time in proving client successes one after another. The lifestyle maintenance approach to fitness and nutrition in a personalized home environment is a refreshing alternative to large-scale programs in a facility.

After only one week at Obesity Camp Las Vegas, he rediscovered a new sense of self.

After four weeks, he would take a new lifestyle home. Finally, after FIVE years, Al has reported that he kept the weight off and attributes his changes to that fateful 40-day stay at Debra Stefan Live-in Weight Loss Retreat.

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