Vegas Weight Loss Retreat to lose 100 pounds in four months

100 Pound Weight Loss Story of A Morbidly Obese Man

Morbidly obese disability to 100 pounds down in 4 months

He went from morbidly obese disability to 100-pound weight loss by correct exercise progress and meal preparation.

I’m Debra Stefan, and the story you’re about to hear is by a man whose family intervened to save his life and turn his health around. They called it tough love. He was encouraged to find a place to go, to get life-saving help, or they would find one for him. After much research, he reached out to me for the answer in turning around a dangerous, life-threatening, debilitating condition of morbid obesity. He safely lost one hundred pounds during his four-month stay. A 100 Lbs weight loss in four months is possible with proper exercise progress, hydration, nutrition, and recovery.

Weight Loss Retreat Disclaimer

Please know that no one receives compensation for sharing their testimonial, and not every guest at my place is willing to disclose their personal story. However, those who choose to share are giving back because someone else cared to share with them. Thank you for reading. Now, hear his story as only he can tell it. And if you find it encouraging, please feel free to share it with someone who needs this hope.

100 Pound Weight Loss Story by A Morbidly Obese Man

“Hi, my name is Corey from St. Louis, Missouri. It’s day 53 for me at live-in fitness with Debra Stefan. She’s the greatest, most caring trainer and does so much for me while I am here. When I first talked with her, she gave me an assignment. Debra asked me to stop drinking all soda pop before getting to her live-in weight loss retreat. By doing so, I went from approximately 455 pounds to 429 pounds in two weeks. It was that simple.

100 Pound Weight Loss Progress

I’m down to 371 at this writing and weighing in on Sundays. The personal attention I get from Debra, and the baby steps work for me. When I first got here, I could barely do anything. One of the main reasons I came here is because all the other programs would have just thrown me into the pack. And I wasn’t ready for that. So, she progresses me into a way that I can work out now by myself and with other people. 

Consequently, I’ve gotten so far because of the personal attention here. Debra is a very caring person, and she gives us the attention we need. You know, we’re not just thrown on an elliptical or a stationary bike and a timer. No, everything is very personal. We live in the house with Debra. And it’s just an all-around great experience. If you need a place to go and you’re scared, a little hesitant, then this is the place for you.”

How to Manage a 100 Pound Weight Loss

At my house, we practice the lifestyle, walk the walk and talk the talk. First, I will coach you to learn the ten commandments to a lean, fit body. Then you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you have needed this help for a long time. By now, you’ve tried all the wrong methods of quick weight loss but haven’t yet achieved a lasting result. The good thing is that you finally arrived at the solution to taking your life back by getting your body back. Just get out of your current environment and break those old patterns that have been holding you back. Learn new habits at my house that you can continue at home. Results come quickly when you do all the right things all at the same time.

About the 100 Pound Weight Loss Program

Debra Stefan here at my private live-in weight loss residence, where success comes quickly when you do all the right things all at the same time. Starting at the grocery store, to the table with single-ingredient whole foods in a natural state that’s easy and healthy. 

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