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Who are the guys that come to mens weight loss camp?

Mens weight loss camp stories of young and old, large and larger.

View the video below for mens weight loss camp testimonials by 25 different men of all ages, levels of condition, and sizes.

These men are actual clients sharing their experiences at my Las Vegas fitness residence. No one receives compensation for sharing their stories.

Not all clients at my live-in weight loss retreat chose to share.

These are the guys who did. Like most everyone, they receive the initial encouragement from someone else’s video. So they are ready to pay it forward to let you see and hear their experiences. After all, that is the best way. Let them tell you themselves; you don’t need to hear it from me.

Here at my private fitness residence there is only space for a few guests at a time. This makes it a very home like experience to teach you what to do when you return to your own home. The habits you make here will go home with you. Since you won’t be taking a personal chef home, you will learn how to simplify doing it yourself and making it work at home. First you practice at my place, then you take the new habit home with you. It works. It is simple.

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The ABOVE listed rates are RESIDENTIAL but do not include special needs upgrades.

Special needs include private bath or suite, geriatric or morbidly obese accommodations. Services include room accommodations, personal training, and wellness coaching by the resident personal trainer, nutritional coaching, your choice of authorized foods provided for 4 supervised and self-prepared meals + 2 shakes.


The BELOW listed rates include the DAY CAMP rates. A seasonal schedule will be provided upon request. Services include personal training and wellness coaching by resident personal trainer, nutritional supervision, and your choice of authorized foods provided for self-prepared meals and shakes. To see the FAQs please click here…

Monthly DAY CAMP Rates Total Price Price / Week Price / Day
90 Minute Metabolic Blast $462 Month $115 $38.50
5-Hour Metabolic Morning $2,500 $625 $125

55Lbs 53Days- College man retreats to Mens Weight Loss Camp for summer

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 Mens Weight Loss Camp Summer College Break 55Lbs 53 Days

Former Jock Who Bullied Fat Guys

Chad is a former jock who loved to bully and put down fat guys. Then one day, he realizes that he has become one himself.

Now he is a fat guy and finds out how it feels.

Once an all-around athlete and elite hockey player, he never dreamed that his weight would soar so high. As a jock, he was one to taunt and bully the fat guys. 

Too much time hitting the books and not enough activity time takes a toll. 

A long-term college student, Chad’s change of habits takes a toll on his physique. In addition, injury and medication side effects accelerate the process of weight gain. 

So Chad decides to spend his last summer break from college at mens weight loss camp. 

His goal is to graduate college and present himself to the adult working world. So, naturally, he strives to be in the best shape possible. So, with just eight weeks open in his busy academic schedule, he arrives at Debra’s place, AKA Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

Age 26 and over 360 Lbs, he devotes eight weeks.

After 53 days in Debra’s men’s weight loss camp, he changes his body and attitude. What’s more, for a guy who claims to hate riding a bike, his new favorite activity becomes bicycling. He especially loves the mountain bike! 

Funny how a variety of adventures can change your body and your mind. See and hear Chad talk about taking his bike camp fitness to the next level.

Chad, Age 26
Chicago, IL

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Former Athlete Returns for 3rd Annual Mens Weight Loss Camp

 Mens Weight Loss Camp 3rd Annual Visit to Las Vegas Fitness Retreat

His Annual Visit to Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

The long winters in Colorado limit Matt’s outdoor activities. 

It is easy to slip when winter packs on the pounds and you haven’t seen the sunshine. As a result, your spirits slip, and your disciplines do too. 

The southern Nevada desert climate is ideal for year-round outdoor activities.

Inspired to visit his annual men’s weight loss camp in Las Vegas

There is no better place to get in shape for spring. Indoor activity done at home tends to be far too predictable. So matt confirms his goal to maintain an athletic lifestyle. Consequently, he heads to Vegas again–for the third year in a row. 

High standards limit how far he would let himself go before doing something about it. His first visit to Las Vegas is one week. The second time is two weeks. This third and most recent stay is four weeks. 

Each year, he places greater priority on setting time aside for health and well-being goals.

He is not a guy with much weight to lose; he needs to build his body. So he focused on quality of nutrition, proper rest, and appropriate exercise progression.

The best results come by not rushing or pushing himself, as most athletes do. The four-week stay is just what he needs to return to Colorado for spring. Old man winter will not defeat him. 

Matt, Age 39
Denver, CO

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Morbidly Obese Men at Weight Loss Camp

Morbidly Obese Man at Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

First, he needed to regain the ability to walk again.

A series of life complications attributes to Corey’s weight gain.

So the tough love ultimatum by his family sends him away to a mens weight loss camp. Knowing that his 450Lb weight risk outweighed the benefits of weight loss surgery, he agrees. Life was too precious to risk not being there with his family.

First, he needs to regain the ability to walk again.

Consequently, life has debilitating limitations by his morbid obesity. His 16-week commitment sets him on course to lose his first 100 pounds. See the miracle of fitness at work…

Corey, Age 41
St. Louis, MO

500Lb Man at Mens Weight Loss Camp

 500 LB Man Drops 50LBS in Two Months of Fitness Retreat

Five hundred pounds and heading to Mens Weight Loss Camp

Due to previous sports activity compounding with a highly obese condition, Philip has physical limitations. He was not one to cop out to weight loss surgery. Knowing that surgery presents more risk than benefit, he must find the right place to retreat.

Family Intervention

Urged by the family, he commits to staying two months away from his family to work on his goals. Ultimately, he misses his folks, wife, and teenage son. Nonetheless, they all support his efforts because it is the right thing to do.

First, establishing his baseline abilities, a reasonable progression begins. Each activity session enables him to achieve a little more yet feel a challenge. Next, he learns the proper pace to avoid injury while making fitness and weight loss progress. See how he trains in Las Vegas with the guys at men’s weight loss camp.


Philip, Age 51
San Antonio, TX

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Senior Men at Weight Loss Camp

Senior Mens Fitness Retreat

Fit for 70 at Mens Weight Loss Camp

His Retirement Promise to Himself

David promises himself that upon retirement, he will be in shape. California living with golf and surfing are his retirement dream. Building a business legacy came first for too long, but now it is time. So he sells his company and searches for a way to get started. That’s how he found his way to the men’s weight loss camp at Debra’s.

Surf’s up!

It is easy for him to focus on health priorities when he knows he will soon be surfing again. In addition, David gets back into mountain biking and weight lifting. With those two favorite activities, he accomplishes his goals in time for a 70th birthday bash. 

70th Celebration

The real celebration is everyone telling him how great he looks for a 70-year-old guy! He amazes everyone how quickly he achieved results by attending a private mens weight loss camp. 

David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA

80-Yr-Old Man at Senior Weight Loss Camp

Fit for 80 at Mens Weight Loss Camp

Geriatric Fat Camp for His 80th

Walter approaches his 80th birthday while his kids joke about sending him to a “fat farm.” Then, he gets serious, ready to do just that. So, his son and daughter research “geriatric fat camps.” Finally, the family decides that Dad would be in good company at Debra’s men’s weight loss camp.

Peer Support

Surprisingly, the older man presents himself in the same physical condition as another younger, larger man. As a result, camaraderie develops between the younger 500-pound man who arrives at the same time.

Together, the guys at Debra’s men’s weight loss camp set out to make the most of each day’s schedule. As a result, they have fun doing it. With an average of three men in the house at a time, the guys share enthusiasm while losing weight and getting fit.

more on Walter…

Walter, Age 79
Weed, CA

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