Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas Rebuilt Former Athlete After Chemo

At the Private Residential Mens Weight Loss Camp Gave Him A New Wellness Routine

The camaraderie among the three men who met for the first time at Debra’s fitness residence fueled them exponentially toward their goals. It was amazing to be around. The men supported one another’s efforts and were energized through peer praise and recognition. I guess you could call it “bro bonding” on steroids. Tony was just out of chemo, David was readying for a big retirement party and 70th birthday, Donald was regaining his energy after piloting so many overseas flights. Each of the men had specific goals and challenges, but the common bond was electric. View the video highlighting shared activities and adventures.

Something magical happens when you add good nutrition with outdoor activities in fresh air and sunshine. Every day is a new and fresh beginning bringing renewed spirits and regained strengths. The human body is an amazing phenomenon and these guys were excited about weight lifting, hiking, climbing, biking, tire flipping, throwing, catching… you name it. Add the elements of fit play and watch the childlike enthusiasm for activity. Watch the video below and you will catch a glimpse of the three jumping rope, too.

The mens weight loss camp experience finished with an adventure day of kayaking, rapelling, and mountain biking. These men and their results are nothing typical and neither was the bond and enthusiasm for the experience they shared. Be sure to like and comment after viewing!

Three Guys Daily Adventures at Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas