Mens Fitness Retreat | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Workout Strategies

How can a 450 Lb Man at a Mens Fitness Retreat work out to lose weight?

Mens fitness retreat strategies abide by the training philosophy that whatever it is a man is inclined to enjoy doing is what he will likely do most frequently. At my training residence the goal is to find appealing workouts that empower the man to fitness and weight loss. For a 450 Lb man who admits to being a “train wreck”, a good “go-to” workout strategy was needed.

Upon arrival to the mens fitness retreat, he was closer to 500 than 450, but this highest weight is what motivated him to seek solutions in spite of his inabilities.

Mens Fitness Camp | Mat Workout, Las Vegas

Mens Fitness Camp | Mat Workout, Las Vegas

First he needed to avoid further joint stress due to previous injuries and just being morbidly obese.  At the same time, he wanted something that would let him use his power without risk of injury. Old knee surgeries followed by further injury, shoulder and back ailments all made it cumbersome to get around. Add exercise to the mix and there needed to be a way to offload some body weight while walking. The perfect solution seemed to be Leki Trekking Poles. The sturdy, flexible poles enabled him to redistribute work load off the lower body to utilize more core and upper body. It worked wonderfully and he began to enjoy walking and hiking again.

Next, he needed a 75″ diameter DuraBall Pro. The ability to stretch out and mobilize through the entire spine while decompressing was heaven. The Duraball Pro is 1000 Lbs burst proof and holds shape under load better than any stability ball on the market. Philip loved the way these stretches made his back feel. He became so well balanced on it that he replaced the weight bench with the Duraball. Leki Trekking Poles,  PowerBlocks, Duraball Pro, Bosu Pro Balance Trainer and a good personal trainer were life changing. Then just when he thought he had exhausted all capabilities, the mat workout while lying down got him back into action. Watch this video and be amazed how he made the most of his efforts while lying on a mat!