Should you jump rope outdoors? 

When you jump rope outdoors you get unique benefits

Jump rope outdoors vs running 

Is jump rope a higher impact than running?

Jumping rope is a controlled activity that is usually done with very little locomotion. Running involves propelling the entire body weight forward onto one leg and foot at a time with force and speed. Therefore, jump rope is the lower impact activity in the jump rope vs run debate.

Is it harmful to not use a mat?

Jumping rope outdoors without a mat takes into consideration several key factors. Are you jumping with excess body weight? If so, incorporate more non-jumping maneuvers into your jump rope session. Reduce the impact of your jump by springing lightly off the balls of the feet minimizing the height of your jumps. Unless you are training barefoot for the fighting arts, wear a supportive shoe with a good insole.

In 1981, there was no athletic footwear industry so there weren’t that many options available when selecting a show for jumping rope outdoors. All we knew was high-top Converse All-Star basketball shoes, Nike court shoes for tennis, and men’s high-top wrestling shoes. My jump rope shoe of choice was Dan Gable’s Asics wrestling shoe, a size larger than normally worn with two insole cushions. My 10-hour Guinness record-breaking fundraiser was done wearing these shoes on an indoor basketball court.

Where should I put my phone when jumping rope?

Fitness Accessory for jump rope, biking, and running

The Flipbelt is my personal choice for a non-binding, snug fitness belt to carry identification, communication, and music. Click on the image in this post to view my video and you will see a complete review with a demonstration for the personal fitness belt for running, biking, and gym workouts.

Flipbelt-Fitness Accessory for jump rope, biking, and running

How do I avoid getting bored with jumping rope?

Start adding variations to your routine after establishing a good foundation of jump rope skills. The variations in skill are endless and will continue to keep you challenged.

No shame in doing it in public?

Most people won’t pass judgment on someone working to better themselves. You must earn your jump rope skills through practice. Chances are that you have more skill than anyone who will be watching, so keep focused. Some people work harder and perform better when they have an audience. Pretend that others are watching and notice how much harder you work. You will be able to jump rope outdoors more often.

Can senior citizens do it?

Since jumping rope outdoors is a weight-bearing activity, your bone density will improve. Many seniors, especially women are at risk for bone loss due to a lack of weight-bearing activities. Swimming and bicycling are not helpful in this regard. Once you establish a proper technique, follow a steady progression, and allow plenty of recovery to allow the body to accommodate. Start by incorporating rope swinging into your walking routine to develop the upper body coordination for jumping rope. Set reasonable expectations and gradually increase your challenge.

Can I do it after hip replacement?

Many joint replacement patients resume impact activities such as running and jumping rope outdoors. If you are starting for the first time, take the same precautions that anyone would be advised. Technique must be refined to avoid too much impact so take the time to learn intermittent jumping before non-stop continuous effort.

Can I do it after foot surgery?

As with any recovery, seek the advice of your attending physician. Follow your physical therapist’s progression before you take on full activity. Listen to your body and make sure that you get adequate recovery to progress to greater challenges when jumping rope outdoors.

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I’m Debra Stefan, a lifetime professional fitness enthusiast. Jump rope and I go way back to the 70s with a cardio commitment during my career as a professional chorus dancer. Breaking a 10-hour world Guinness record, receiving university accreditation, and the state board of education status, I taught jump rope to adults then developed a nationally ranked youth team. Achille’s tendon surgeries, hip replacement, and multiple foot surgeries decades later, I’m still jumping, lifting, and running. So stick around if you find this encouraging. I have more to share on jumping rope outdoors.

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