Airline Pilots Retreat and Health Camp for Adults

 Why a health camp for adults is chosen for the airline pilots fitness retreat.

When two different international airline pilots present with conditions that give reason for grounding, a health camp for adults becomes the pilots fitness retreat. Hence, airline cabin air quality sufferers find a common denominator and perhaps a simple solution: fresh air, outdoor exercise, and biking. Therefore, the perfect airline pilots fitness retreat offers plenty of fresh air.

A health camp for adults is the answer, and the location is Southern Nevada.

The national center for biotechnology information-NCBI quotes the survey of airliner cabin contaminants suggests a diverse set of adverse health effects that could arise from exposure to the cabin environment. Of course, a career pilot grounded on a medical cause will have the blues. But replace that with the blue skies of Southern Nevada, our bike trails, and desert mountain vistas.

My health camp for adults becomes your new home away from home.

No wonder it’s chosen as the best pilots fitness retreat.  At my live-in weight loss camp, we have an abundance of fresh air and reasons to breathe deeply.  I’m Debra Stefan. From bike rides, weightlifting, to yoga, my guests forget that they ever had ailments or depression.

So, he set out for a pilots fitness retreat and found his way into my men’s weight loss camp.

It was time for a reset at a health camp for adults. The first story I’ll tell you about is Donald, a Norwegian national and international flight captain. A high-ranking airline captain and international pilot, he flies high mileage constantly. At the same time, two other kindred spirits meeting at my place for the first time were Tony and David.

David anticipates his 70th birthday and retirement party so, he searched for a health camp for adults.

And when he got back home after only two weeks at my place, David would rekindle his love of mountain biking and get in shape to enjoy retirement. His buddies back home were so impressed, they persuaded Fred Williams to be the next in shape over-70 retiree. Fred booked his four-week fitness retreat, and I have a story dedicated to his fitness comeback. So there’s more about the stories of David and Fred when you click on their names.

These three men enjoyed exceptional camaraderie at my health camp for adults.

The third arrival to top off a men’s fitness camp to remember is Tony. He drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the day after his oncologist released him for exercise, with the chemo port still in his chest. He would waste no time rebuilding his body to regain strength. A centurion cyclist, he brought his racing bike with him. I promised that he could ride it on his free day if he agreed to exercise on one of my mountain bikes. Seeing rapid improvements from a more physical type of biking, he bought a mountain bike to continue conditioning for his races.  There’s a video dedicated to Tony’s story, too. They had so much fun that they returned the following year for a reunion refresher at my place.

More on the airline captain stories and benefits of the pilots fitness retreat.

Dorothy, a Black Hawk pilot in the military and then an international airline captain, was on the ground with a medical condition. Bad cabin air on international flights took a toll. She needs a pilots health retreat and found it at my place. Then, an unexpected bout of turbulence while buckling into her sleep bunk racked her spine. Fast forward, back surgeries gone bad, and a lung condition requiring weight-inducing steroids put her on the ground.

She was a hundred pounds overweight.

Shortly upon pick up from the airport, we’re riding in the car. Dorothy unburdens her pain and frustration. Once a high-earning pilot, her investments were in real estate. The recession broke the bank and cost her all she had worked for. Future earning power was uncertain; she wanted to regain health to return to work with the airline.

Then just as she was packing for her four-week weight loss camp at my place, she found evidence that her husband planned to run away with an internet romance.

Every day under the blue skies with fresh air renewed her, and she would reinvent herself. Dorothy took to the mountain bike, and we assessed back strengthening exercises that worked. Watch Dorothy’s video story, and you will hear the real Dorothy on a comeback.

Let me continue our education with a particular interest in the two international captains who came to my pilots fitness retreat for revitalization.

The NCBI says airline pilots occupational exposures may present physiological challenges to the long-term health of airline pilots. Work conditions can lead to circadian dysrhythmia and a host of other health risks. Such exposure may present physiological challenges to the long-term health of airline pilots.

In more or less layman’s terms, flight operations can provoke sleep loss, fatigue, and circadian disruption of your body clock. And these factors can result in performance decrement and alertness during airline operations. Indeed, the critical question is whether chronic fatigue and sleep loss compromise an individual’s health.

An International airline pilot could benefit from a health camp for adults; two pilot fitness retreat client testimonials back my opinion on the subject.

So regardless of what caused your stress-induced weight gain and loss of energy, do you think you could benefit from the blue skies and fresh air exercise environment? Let me know what you think.

I’m Debra Stefan. You come to an oasis at my private fitness and weight loss retreat. At your new home away from home, the skies are blue here in sunny Southern Nevada year-round. Get results and learn what to do when you get back home. If you know someone that needs this encouragement, share freely.
And let me know if I can help. This is what I do.

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