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Group Team Building Programs

Jump rope, bike riding, and outdoor boot camp are great for team development. Choose one theme or a combination of all three. Commit to drop-in day camp or come for a live-in visit. The camaraderie, group interaction and positive peer pressure make an unforgettable experience.

Activities Offered

Alternative team building programs include jump rope team workshops, bike trail adventures, and outdoor boot camp. The variety of outdoor boot camp events are unique and unforgettable. Activities are adaptable to your business group. Past clients all agree that the experiences are fun. Please see the video testimonials from around the globe.

Group Jump Rope Team Skills Workshop for Corporate Events

JUMP ROPE TEAMTime flexible for 45-90 minute fast paced, fun activity progressions taking participants from long rope fundamentals to single rope free style. The initial group breaks off into smaller units for creative demonstrations and a “time to shine” finale. Ideal group size for this jump rope workshop is from 10 – 50 people. Brain fitness and quick timing boosted by jolts of adrenaline. Energizing and exhilarating with constant laughter. Great prelude to a meeting or conference giving the opportunity for each person’s introduction as they pass through the rope. Positive peer pressure and camaraderie.

Group Bike Ride for Teams

BIKE TRAIL RIDE: Bike Camps for day campers generally consist of a three to four-hour adventure outing accommodating 10-25 people. Best start time is determined seasonally and can include a swim in Lake Mead. Group is given bike orientation with instruction on proper seat adjustment, trail safety and gear shifting protocol. Bikes, helmets, water and trail guidance with support vehicle provided.