Outdoor Fitness Day Camp Program

Sunrise Outdoor Fitness, Henderson, NV

Metabolic Mornings Monday – Saturday 90-Minute Boot Camp Sessions

Fitness Day Camp Monthly Price *Week *Day
90 Minute Metabolic Blast 3X week $690 $173.25 $57.75
 90 Minute Metabolic Biking 3X week $690 $173.25 $57.75
 2-Hour Metabolic Morning Saturdays $575 $150 $150
 5-Hour Metabolic Morning Saturdays $575 $150 $150
 5-Day 5-Hour Metabolic Morning M-F $2500 $625 $125
 12-week At-Home Daily Accountability $1200 $400 $16.67
*All Day camps are prepaid monthly. (Cost breakdown shown for comparison only)
12-week At-Home Daily Accountability 12-Week Total Price *Week *Day
 12-week At-Home Daily Accountability $1200 $400 $16.67
*12-week At-Home Daily Accountability is prepaid in full. (Cost breakdown shown for comparison only)


Client eligibility determined on individual basis.

Actual clients of Debra Stefan Outdoor Fitness Day Camp showing and describing their workouts. No two workouts are the same and locations vary within the area.

Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat is located in a private setting of southeast Henderson, Nevada. Personal training available by appointment only; not open to the public. Outdoor fitness times may vary seasonally.

Outdoor Fitness Day Camp

The most empowering time of your day for an outdoor fitness day camp is early morning.  The most empowering place is outdoors where you will experience a variety of strength and cardiovascular fitness. The last place you need to be is an indoor gym!

Why Outdoor Fitness?

Outdoors you can engage the senses.

Breathe the fresh air

Hear the birds

See and experience the morning

Feel the elevation of mood and metabolism

Taste– nothing that tastes better than your fitness

This is small group personal training so be prepared to make a solid commitment in participating. Each day offers a variety of activities and locations for outdoor fitness near the Debra Stefan residence.

Attend five days including Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three days strength training with Tuesday and Thursday dedicated to biking. Add Saturday as an optional session or just devote 5 hours of your morning 5 days a week to making a lifestyle change.

Individual assessment and orientation scheduled separately from group participation are included. Availability is limited, so call ahead, but be sure to read the FAQs first!
You will be asked to sign a simple waiver stating that you present yourself in “exercise ready” condition and have declared any known limitations/restrictions. Exercise modifications and special consideration will be made to accommodate any reasonable restrictions for your outdoor fitness participation.

Your coach, Debra Stefan, will direct you through organized well thought-out workout routines with upbeat, motivating instruction. This includes a combination of agility and balance drills, games, fat-burning cardio, strength training, and yoga. No one is left behind. Individual exercise modifications apply to all routines. No matter what your limitations are, you will get a good workout, lose weight fast, and make progress that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own. So …it’s something different every day, incorporating a variety of equipment and outdoor fitness locations with strength training and cardio interval training techniques.

Live-in clients seek an experience to lift their spirits in a scenic outdoor environment where they can pursue their weight loss goals.

Activities in and around the fitness residence may utilize dumbbells, free weights, benches, balls and weighted bars, Power Blocks, Bosu Balance Trainers, TRX Suspension Training Systems, Stability Balls, medicine balls, boxing, and agility drills, battling ropes, jump ropes, and diverse outdoor adventures. Also, included will be cycling on single-speed cruisers, mountain bikes, or industrial trikes as appropriate.

If you feel that you need to be immersed in a live-in residential program to focus on making important lifestyle changes then consider Debra’s live-in weight loss retreat residence. More… Adult Weight Loss Camp Retreat in Henderson Nevada 89011

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