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Fitness Boot Camp Outdoor Workouts

Fitness Boot Camp Outdoor Workouts | Group Personal Training in Henderson, NV

Are you looking for Fitness Boot Camp Outdoor Workouts with Group Personal Training in Henderson?

Whether your fitness boot camp goal is sports conditioning or weight loss, outdoor workouts and fitness bootcamp are always the best choice. In fact, outdoor workout classes in Henderson are unlike any others in the Las Vegas Valley. VIDEO

Why Outdoor Workout Classes are Increasing in Popularity

An outdoor fitness trainer offering small group personal training in a scenic place has a waiting list. Outdoor boot camps attract fitness enthusiasts seeking fresh air, breathtaking exercise, and a scenic view.

“As your outdoor fitness trainer, I share my playground and favorite fitness toys. Assuredly, my fitness boot camps are safe and effective.”

Outdoor Workouts are Small Group Personal Training

The outdoor workouts we do are essentially small group personal training. First, TRX suspension training and medicine ball drills warm up for your outdoor workout. Then, all technique instruction follows an appropriate progression. Modifications promote a positive experience. Each participant has a sense of accomplishment rather than defeat or failure.

No two outdoor fitness classes present the same activities. What’s more, fitness enthusiasts enjoy an endorphin boost in a scenic outdoor place.

Activities include conditioning drills such as:

  • tire rolling and flipping
  • pushing and pulling weight sleds
  • 50’ battling ropes
  • kettlebell swinging
  • Bosu balance training
  • Landmine (vertical barbell on pivot box)
  • cutting pole agility runs
  • agility ladder
  • mini hurdles
  • jump rope drills

“Hello, I am Debra Stefan, a highly experienced fitness professional with expertise in youth, athletic, and senior fitness training. I am especially passionate about outdoor personal training. Therefore, I can effectively coach at any level.

My outdoor boot camps offer a family discount. However, small group personal training has a limit. I am offering a week of spring break workouts for a short time. See my motivational offer.”

Fitness Boot Camp Personal Training Monthly Price *Week *Day *1/1
55-Minute Metabolic Blast 3X week $690 $172.50 $57.75 $117
 30-Minute Metabolic Blast 3X week $420 $105 $35 $67
 90-Minute Metabolic Morning Saturdays $360 $90 $90 $150
 5-Day 3-Hour Metabolic Morning M-F $3500 $875/**2250 $175/**450 $450
 12-week At-Home Daily Accountability $1200 $400 $16.67
*All Semi-Private Day camps are prepaid monthly. (Cost breakdown shown for comparison only) **1/1 daily and weekly rates based on availability.
12-week Remote Daily Accountability 12-Week Total Price *Week *Day
 12-week Remote Daily Accountability $1200 $400 $16.67
*12-week At-Home Daily Accountability is prepaid in full. (Cost breakdown shown for comparison only)


Client eligibility for Debra’s fitness boot camp is determined on an individual basis.

5-Day 3-Hour Metabolic Morning

Wedding, reunion, vacation, or any urgency for your achieving your best physical fitness? The next-best thing to the live-in weight loss retreat for rapid results. Maybe you need quick improvements to kick start motivation. Then, consider making a commitment to go all-in. Keep in mind that not all applicants are eligible for this program. An assessment is necessary to participate in three-hour group fitness training. Yes, there are hydration and recovery breaks!

Fitness Boot Camp for Adults Group Personal Training in Henderson, NV

Actual clients of Debra Stefan’s exclusive Fitness Camp for Adults share Group Personal Training results.

No two workouts are the same and locations vary within the area.

Fitness Camp for Adults is a service of Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat.

Exclusively, it is located in a private setting in southeast Henderson, Nevada. Group personal training is available by appointment only. The fitness boot camp residence is not open to the public. Furthermore, outdoor fitness times may vary seasonally.

Fitness Boot Camp Activities in and around the fitness residence

The Fitness boot camp includes group personal training equipment including dumbbells, free weights, benches, balls, and weighted bars. What’s more, Power Blocks, Bosu Balance Trainers, TRX Suspension Training Systems, and Stability Balls. On occasion, medicine balls, boxing, agility drills, battling ropes, jump ropes, and diverse outdoor adventures. Also, on occasion will be cycling on single-speed cruisers, mountain bikes, or industrial trikes as appropriate.

However, you may prefer total immersion in a live-in residential program for rapid results. If so, then consider Debra’s live-in weight loss retreat residence. More… Adult Weight Loss Camp Retreat in Henderson Nevada 89011