Sunny Nevada Weather – What You Need to Know About the Heat

Sunny Nevada Weather -What You Need to Know About the Heat!

Biking Trail in sunny Nevada weather

Sunny Nevada weather offers year-round sunshine

Sunny Nevada weather is the number one reason for the preferred destination.

Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas valley sees 300 days of sunshine in a year on average. The odds are that when you are here, it will be sunny out. Even in the warmer summer months from sunrise through the morning, we have optimal sunny Nevada weather. Another bonus is that there are absolutely no insects due to low humidity. No flies to swat or mosquitoes to repel when outdoors. (Did you hear that some people have declared the mosquito as the new state bird of Florida?!)

If you suffer from joint inflammation, this is the ideal exercise environment for you.

Sunny Nevada weather – Mother Nature’s Anti-Depressant

Early morning sunlight and outdoor exercise help boost serotonin and metabolism. Scholarly research proves this to be true. Outdoor activity promotes a  noticeable mood boost aids those who have depression.

In the summer, temperatures can reach into the 100’s. Again, this is with low humidity making it easy to tolerate warmer temperatures. Furthermore, the long summer days make it optimal for early outdoor activity at cooler times. Indoor workouts and indoor pool are air-conditioned during the heat of the day. Milder evenings and long days enable more outdoor activity in cooler temperatures.

In the winter, temperatures rarely drop below freezing and that only happens at night. There are about eight nights annually with freezing temperatures. Sunny Nevada weather offers the ability to be outdoors year round with few days that won’t allow for outdoor exercise. You can see the monthly averages for both temperature and precipitation here.

Sunny Nevada weather makes Las Vegas among the nation’s top five tourism destinations all year long because of the beautiful weather and sunshine. In warmer summer months all scheduling precautions are in place to minimize heat exposure. Take full advantage of the abundance of sunshine and fresh desert air while you pursue your health goals.

Sunny Nevada Weather Year Round

Highs | Lows

Winter: Mid 60’s | Mid 40’s
Never fear: the colder temperatures are after nightfall in the winter with comfortable daytime temperatures.

Spring: Mid/Upper 70’s | Mid 60’s

Summer: Upper 90’s-Low 100’s | Low 70’s

In the summer months of longer daylight, we enjoy the early mornings and later evenings outdoors.

Fall: Mid/Upper 70’s | Low 60’s

Seasonally, outdoor activities take place during the most favorable conditions of the day. For example, in the wintertime, our activities outdoors are during the warmer times of the day. For locals, consider outdoor fitness day camp year round.

Remember that sunny Nevada weather puts Las Vegas in the top five sunniest places in the United States year-round with about 300 sunny days annually.

Sunny Nevada weather
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