Residential Fitness Camp -What it Means to You

When you enter a residential fitness camp, you will choose your level of commitment.

Choose the live-in, half-day or full day residential fitness camp to match your needs. Using the success principles of behavioral modification you will succeed in setting new habits. These are the new habits you adapt to your regular home life. Often home life presents negative anchors holding you back. Detachment can happen by committing to the residential fitness camp on a 24 hour basis. It can also happen when you sleep at home and drop in to full or half-day camp. Only you can make the right decision based on your home life and resources to take part in a residential fitness camp.

If you have family responsibilities and cannot commit to overnight residential fitness camp, day camp is your option. Either half or full day camp can suit your schedule and ability to commit.

Residential Fitness Camp- Is it for YOU?

Residential Fitness Camp- Is it for YOU?

At the residential fitness camp you get daily workouts with your own personal trainer. This compares to a fraction of the cost for one-on-one training at a club or in the gym-with no upgrade fee.

Making your residential fitness camp commitment a priority is easy when you prepay. This creates a time frame in which you put forth the efforts to achieve results. Without financial commitment, there is no urgency to act on your goals. The fitness industry standard is prepayment of services for this reason. The psychology of exercise adherence bases on commitment level. The greater the commitment, the greater the effort.

At residential fitness camp you get the right nutrition and activities in a protective environment. You are free from any negative patterns holding you back. The residential fitness camp daily training routines empower you. You can meet your goals with personal bests in a progressive manner.