• Bosu Balance Trainer Bosu Balance Trainer- senior woman trains for dog walking stability. BOSU Balance Trainer combines all the elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into unique and highly effective combinations. Challenging and fun, the BOSU Balance Trainer gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as yuou work out on an unstable, dynamic surface Includes BOSU Balance Trainer, 4-in-1 workout DVD, 2 workouts from the Xplode Series DVD, owner's manual and foot pump
  • Morbidly Obese Man Performing Extreme Converta-Ball Rotations. Man performing Extreme Converta-Ball Action

    PB Extreme Converta Ball

    Converta Ball AKA Tornado Ball, high intensity core training medicine ball on a rope is known for durability. Extreme is the definitive word for the explosive torso rotations and power chops done in brief, but intense short burst activity. Golfers, baseball players and other rotational power athletes covet the Converta Ball as their secret training tool. Weighted Converta Balls range from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs. Holds up for indoor or outdoor use. Rope can be detached from the ball for freestyle medicine ball use. 1 kg and 2 kg are volleyball size; 3 kg is basketball size; 4 kg – 7 kg Converta-Balls are slightly larger than a basketball.

  • Medicine Rope Ball

    AKA Tornado Ball, high-intensity core training medicine rope ball which is identified as a medicine ball on a rope for short burst swings and chops. Explosive torso rotations are done for power in a brief, but intense short burst. Golfers, baseball players, and other rotational power athletes covet the power rope ball as their secret training tool. Weighted power rope balls range from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs. Rope is permanently attached to the ball.