Women’s Residential Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas hosts all ages and sizes in a private fitness residence with a full-time trainer to coach the wellness lifestyle.

Spring Break Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas 25 Lbs in 25 Days

Spring Break Fitness Retreat Spring Break Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas Spring Break Fitness Retreat was Dad's idea as he knew his daughter deserved more from fitness. Spring Break Fitness Retreat started out with this hard-working and accomplished athlete weighing over twice her ideal body weight. Since adolescence, Karen made all the right [...]

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Weight Loss Fitness Camp-UK to Las Vegas

I decided that she offered the best place for me... exactly what I needed--a home away from home. I really enjoyed my stay and the results are amazing! The variety of exercises done both indoors and outdoors gave me back my enjoyment for fitness. I have relearned the tools to reach my weight loss [...]