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TRX for Seniors

TRX for Seniors AKA the Best Geriatric Fitness By far, TRX for Seniors proves to be the best geriatric fitness progression available. Lately, I find myself working with older and older adults. So, in the spirit of authenticity, I want you to read over my shoulder as I write a letter of encouragement to [...]

Powerlifting Benefits Max Lifting Max Results

The Powerlifting benefits max lifting results in a short time when you put in the work. Powerlifting benefits max lifting brings are max results. 1. What are the powerlifting benefits max lifting gives you?  In other words, what's all the buzz about Powerlifting?! Generally, powerlifting benefits [...]

Health Camp for Adults An Airline Pilots Fitness Retreat | Storytelling of 5 People

 Why a health camp for adults is chosen for the airline pilots fitness retreat. When two different international airline pilots present with conditions that give reason for grounding, a health camp for adults becomes the pilots fitness retreat. Hence, airline cabin air quality sufferers find a common denominator and perhaps a simple solution: fresh [...]

100 Pound Weight Loss Journey in Four Months for Morbidly Obese Man

100 Pound Weight Loss Story of A Morbidly Obese Man Morbidly obese disability to 100 pounds down in 4 months He went from morbidly obese disability to 100-pound weight loss by correct exercise progress and meal preparation. I'm Debra Stefan, and the story you're about to hear is by a man whose family intervened [...]

Senior Depression Cure | Debra Stefan Senior Residential Fitness and Online Camps

Senior depression cure from gloom to glee Empty nest, retired, grandkids at an age where grandma is no longer cool. Then widowed. The sequence of life of events led to a dark depression. Outdoor exercise, blue skies, and renewed vitality gave Suzanne her new battle cry. "I am woman!" Yes, you are. Suzanne triumphed [...]

Senior Fall Proof Training Boot Camp | Debra Stefan Senior Residential Fitness and Online Camps

Senior Fall Proof Training - Can an older adult gain the confidence, strength, and balance to get down and up at will while sharpening corrective reflexes to become fall-proof? Meet Marilyn. At age 73, she had already become a fall statistic. Watch what she accomplished in four weeks. Debra Stefan: Marilyn, you just [...]

Bicycle Balance Drills Anyone Can Learn | Debra Stefan Fitness and Weight Loss Bike Camps

"Debra's advice is warranted and something I would be happy to pass on. As she said, we all learn to brake with our left foot and press the accelerator with our right foot when driving despite any left/right preferences." Bicycle Balance Drills Anyone Can Learn |Debra Stefan [...]

World-Class Fitness Coach, Debra Stefan Record-breaking Fitness Feats | World-Class Fitness Retreat

Record-breaking fitness feats are synonymous with world-class fitness coach Debra Stefan. Add World Class Fitness Coach to the bio for Debra Stefan Fitness In 1981, her ten-hour Guinness World record-breaking fitness feats with her jump rope marathon fundraiser made headlines. Yoga teacher, showgirl, chorus dancer, aerobics [...]

Obesity Disabled Definition Video of 500 Lbs. Woman

Obesity Disabled Defined Video of 500 Lbs Woman Obesity Disabled. What does it mean to be obesity disabled and have an obesity disability? Ask a 500-pound woman who turned around her obesity disabled lifestyle.  Lack of activity combined with morbid obesity disabled her. Watch her video. Hear her story. She'll tell you. I [...]

Dedicated Cyclist – 4 Weeks of Inspiration

Dedicated Cyclist Story of Extraordinary Human Spirit Click image to view: Dedicated Cyclist Tony McConaghy- 4 Weeks of Inspiration Dedicated Cyclist Tony McConaghy- 4 Weeks of Inspiration The Story of a Dedicated Cyclist Inspiring So Many Who Witnessed His Plight It is not every day that we have a chance to [...]

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