Actual client testimonials at Debra Stefan Fitness and Weight Loss Residence.

Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Loses 36″

Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Takes 7.5" Off Waist I lost 36” total, including 7.5” waist, 6” hips, 6” back, 3” each thigh and 1.5” from my neck in eight weeks averaging 4Lbs loss per week. I can now carry my grandchild! Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Shrinks Waist  7.5" in 8 Weeks [...]

Spring Break Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas 25 Lbs in 25 Days

Spring Break Fitness Retreat Spring Break Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas Spring Break Fitness Retreat was Dad's idea as he knew his daughter deserved more from fitness. Spring Break Fitness Retreat started out with this hard-working and accomplished athlete weighing over twice her ideal body weight. Since adolescence, Karen made all the right [...]

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Weight Loss Fitness Camp-UK to Las Vegas

I decided that she offered the best place for me... exactly what I needed--a home away from home. I really enjoyed my stay and the results are amazing! The variety of exercises done both indoors and outdoors gave me back my enjoyment for fitness. I have relearned the tools to reach my weight loss [...]

Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson, Nevada 89011

Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson Hosts Indonesian Team Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a teen fitness camp for the Jetz, an international boy's basketball team from Indonesia. Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball-Team The teen fitness camp participants ranged from ages 13 to 15 and were [...]

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30 Day Weight Loss Retreat 25Lbs, 200 Miles Cycled Renewed Confidence

At the 30- day weight loss retreat it was so simple. All he needed to do to turn around his health was to replace his lifestyle habits with new ones. How to break the old habits? Easy. Just stop, drop and live in a new Weight Loss Retreat environment conducive to making the right choices [...]

Cycling for Weight Loss and Fitness

Morbidly Obese woman relies on cycling for conditioning and weight loss. Why Choose Cycling for Weight Loss? Weight-bearing activities such as walking, running, and hiking can cause joint stress, inflammation and setbacks in training. Cross-training with a variety of non-weight bearing exercise is essential for continued fitness and weight loss progress and exercise [...]

Golfing Again! 71 Year-Old Senior Fitness Retreat Camp Success

Senior Fitness Retreat Camp Senior Fitness Retreat Camp to Lose Weight and Get in Shape 71-Year Old Man Loses Weight, Gets Fit at Senior Fitness Retreat Camp Fred never thought he would swing a golf club again. Retirement boredom took him down the spiral of physical inactivity and lack of desire to hunt, fish [...]

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