Bike camps at Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat are for those seeking safe, fitness bike rides. Bike camp routes progress from a variety of flat rides to hill climbs. Riders activate muscles and engage the cardiovascular system with a series of progressive training rides. Most riders do not know how to utilize the gear shifting sequences properly. Learn the bike to enjoy riding the bike. Each ride builds on the last. Bike camp clients learn safe riding practices and cycling skills while losing weight and getting fit. Most of all, bike camp clients all say that they never had so much fun while working out.

Bicycle Joy- Riding a Bike for Fitness

Bicycle joy is an ongoing theme at the weight loss camp. Single-speed beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and adult tricycles offer bicycle joy for fitness. Joy of biking The joy of biking is revisited daily on scenic outdoor paved trails, and Henderson is known for its dedicated bike trails throughout the city. Most [...]

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Biking Eye Protection-Cycling Goggles

Best Biking Eye Protection- Cycling Goggles for Eye Protection Cycling goggles for biking eye protection while cycling for fitness and biking to lose weight. Sunglasses aren't enough when riding a bicycle. Say what you will about the look of goggles. I agree that it’ll take getting used to seeing them on more [...]

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Best Fitness Retreat 5x

Number One Best Fitness Retreat Camp for Men Matt chose his best fitness retreat for a 5th annual visit from Denver. The fitness camper returns for the fifth season, making it his choice for the best fitness retreat at the live-in weight loss camp in Henderson, Nevada, with Debra Stefan. See his [...]

Bike Fitness Retreat – Wetlands Connector Trail

Bike Fitness Retreat Camp QUESTION: Have you heard of the Wetlands Connector Trail? If you’re a trail user in the Henderson area, there’s a two-mile stretch that you need to know about! Also, did you know that the popularity of the Wetlands Trail and the River Mountains Loop makes the Wetlands Connector chosen by [...]

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River Mountains Loop Trail | Lake Mead Bike Trail

The greatest bike fitness challenge route in Henderson is Lake Mead Bike Trail RIVER MOUNTAINS LOOP Trail  (RMLT) biking challenge Take a bicycle skills course and view the video of the River Mountains Loop Trail, then ride the Lake Mead bike trail. Biking Challenge -the River Mountains Loop Trail counterclockwise! When taking [...]

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Biking to Lose Weight-The Three Sisters

Biking to Lose Weight?  The Three Sisters Bike challenge Cyclists FEAR the Three Sisters Henderson cyclists and biking visitors revere the River Mountains Loop Trail and they FEAR the Three Sisters Hill Climbs. Ask any local cyclist and you'll learn that most fear the challenge of the Three Sisters. In [...]

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Wetlands Trail | Henderson Bike Trails

Wetlands Trail, Henderson Bike Trails Are your biking skills up to the challenge of the Wetlands Trail? Before making that decision, consider a cycling class or bike camp. Wetlands Trail Henderson Bike Trails Challenge -Certified Bike Camp Instructor I'm Debra Stefan, 2020 Educator of the Year for the League of American Bicyclists [...]

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Obesity Disabled Definition Video of 500 Lbs. Woman

Obesity Disabled Defined Video of 500 Lbs Woman Obesity Disabled. What does it mean to be obesity disabled and have an obesity disability? Ask a 500-pound woman who turned around her obesity disabled lifestyle.  Lack of activity combined with morbid obesity disabled her. Watch her video. Hear her story. She'll tell you. I [...]

Nevada Bicycle Safety – What’s the Law? National Bike Safety Month – Bicycle Education

Bicycle Education -Nevada Bike Laws Nevada Bicycle Safety - What's the Law? A panel discussion with leaders in bicycle education. Recent statistics show bicycle deaths on Nevada roads have pretty much remained steady over the last few years, about two to 3% of all traffic-related deaths. And this is even as Nevada's growth [...]

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Dedicated Cyclist – 4 Weeks of Inspiration

Dedicated Cyclist Story of Extraordinary Human Spirit Click image to view: Dedicated Cyclist Tony McConaghy- 4 Weeks of Inspiration Dedicated Cyclist Tony McConaghy- 4 Weeks of Inspiration The Story of a Dedicated Cyclist Inspiring So Many Who Witnessed His Plight It is not every day that we have a chance to [...]

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