Best Biking Eye Protection- Cycling Goggles for Eye Protection

Cycling goggles for biking eye protection while cycling for fitness and biking to lose weight. Sunglasses aren’t enough when riding a bicycle. Say what you will about the look of goggles. I agree that it’ll take getting used to seeing them on more cyclists before recreational riders catch on to the logic and wisdom.

Rule #1: ALWAYS wear eye protection when biking. (Video)

Glasses will often protect you from bugs and debris flying into your eyes, wraparound styles even more so. BUT goggles will prevent it altogether.

Best Biking Eye Protection-Cycling Goggles for Eye Protection

Cycling Goggles Eye Protection

Biking eye protection

Cycling goggles prevent wind from damaging your eyesight. Over time, WIND, especially the hot, desert wind will diminish your eyesight. And it doesn’t even have to be a windy day. Think about it. We create airflow when moving on the bike and the force can be pretty strong on the delicate tissue of your eyes. It is a fact. Ask your eye doctor.

Still not convinced you can look cool wearing goggles?

Bike Goggles, Cycling Sunglasses, and Wraparounds

Look at the competitive cyclists riding in the Tour de France. They are all wearing eye protection. It’s only smart. After all, biking activity is supposed to improve your health. Make sure that you aren’t sacrificing your eyesight in the process.

Do you think that biking eye protection such as goggles are too expensive? Well, not nearly as expensive as the cost of losing your vision.

Biking Eye Protection-Cycling Goggles

Here’s a tip for you: you can buy the same sport biking goggles that I am wearing in the video for under $20. And for those not-so-sunny rides or night biking, use the clear variety. You can even wear your prescription glasses under the clear ones.

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