Biggest Loser Ranch Compared – Worth the Money?

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared to Private Fitness Retreat

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared-Reading Between the Lines

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared to A Private Fitness Retreat

Can you read between the lines to see Biggest Loser Ranch compared with a private residential retreat?

What do you pay for that is transferable to home life after you leave? Without the executive chef, will you know what to do?

How much training matches your abilities? Are you assessed then progressed accordingly?

What are you likely to continue with at your own home? Open gym, Zumba and spin class may not be for you.

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared – Daily Schedule

Have you seen their daily schedule? Seriously, it offers open gym, an executive chef and a spa. Let’s read between the lines here…

6am Open Gym

What you need to know is that “open gym” means “hello treadmill”.  You are on your own without guidance or accountability. Would you want to spend $10k to start your day this way?

7:00am Breakfast by the executive chef

Obese Men Cycling for Weight Loss

Obese Men Cycling for Weight Loss

Are they sending the chef home with you? If not, this won’t help you form lifestyle habits.

8:30am Refreshing Outdoor Hike

An extremely obese client may be better off taking a “refreshing” bike ride on an adult trike. A non-weight bearing activity is easier on the joints.

11:15am Total Toning Class

“Toning class” implies an aerobics class atmosphere where an obese client will feel totally out of place. This sounds like a one-size fits all. How comfortable is a morbidly obese person in this group activity in front of a mirror? Can you say, “Zumba” anyone?!  What about metabolic fat-burning activity tailored to the individual? How about hitting a tire with a sledge hammer or doing battle rope drills outdoors?

12:15pm Lunch (Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice)

Again, done for you? Is this a vacation or a real lifestyle rehearsal?

1:15pm Educational Series: Interactive Cooking Demo with our Executive Chef

Try instead to go on a practical grocery store tour and do batch cooking.

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared to Private Fitness Retreat

2:30pm Spinning (a Fun, Non-Impact Cardio Workout)

How much fun can it be sitting indoors on a tiny seat pretending to bicycle? “Spinning” class means an obese person gets seriously saddle sore if he can manage to sit on a tiny seat that long. How about an industrial trike with a generous size saddle outdoors on a scenic bike trail? Get outdoors on a scenic bike trail and watch your spirits soar along with your energy.

3:30pm Strength Circuit Training

This implies going from one shiny chrome machine to another. Try free weight training with dumbbells and barbells instead. Try swinging a sledge hammer on a tire alternating with weighted sled drags outside. See videos with guys up to 500Lbs doing this and more. Maybe not the first day, but there is a progression to it all.

4:30pm Water Aerobics & Aqua Games

The weight loss camp guest should be coming out of a rest period now not another activity. Swim time is better just before a  meal and a nap, not in a 3-hour block of constant activity. Activity followed by recovery is the way to build your body, not wear it down. Recovery time enables a greater exercise intensity instead of going through the motions.

5:30pm Educational Series: Menu Planning at Home and While Traveling

This sounds a lot like a video to sit and watch. Why not actually have a meal out for a real lesson in making good selections off the menu?

6:30pm Dinner (Grilled Steak Kabobs with Stuffed Tomatoes & Roasted Vegetables)

Nice, but you realize you are paying for restaurant services here and not learning how to do it at home for yourself and your family.

Spa and Relaxation Time-Weekends and evenings will also include time for pampering and relaxation. To soothe your body and renew your spirit, each resort features an on-site full-service spa offering a complete list of salon and wellness treatments.

“Spa” means you can pay extra for massage and facials or take down time. Why not forego the extra expense and mindless pampering to spend time meditating? Positive visualization with guided imagery will reprogram your mindset to speed you toward your goals and squash the stinkin’ thinkin’ that has been holding you down. You know you are capable of accomplishing anything that you believe. Start doing the right things and start believing.

Biggest Loser Ranch Compared -Biggest Concerns

Nutrition Concern:
Only three meals 7AM, 12:15 and 6:30PM … 5-6 hours apart? Nutrition 5-6 hours apart tends to cause a sense of deprivation. Blood sugar levels can drop after 2.5 – 3 hours without nutrition. Compare this with meal frequency and portions appropriate for the upcoming level of activity.

Fitness Concern:
This schedule includes blocks of activity spanning 3-4 hours straight without recovery. Consider recovery periods that enable your level of exercise intensity for greater metabolic effect.