Bicycling Instruction

Bicycling Instruction at Debra Stefan Fitness Retreats

Bicycling Instruction at Debra Stefan Fitness Retreats covers best practices.

Bicycling instruction prepares you to be safe and confident on the road or trail. Regardless of what bicycle you choose to ride, best practices for bicycle handling will serve you well. Being predictable to others on the road and trail keep you safe. Ride confidently and enjoy riding more often.

Do you scoff at bicycling instruction because you can pedal a bicycle?

Too often, bicyclists resort to “winging” it for lack of bicycle education. But unfortunately, copying others is not the same as learning bicycling techniques. Even E-bikes require bicycle handling skills for biking on the road and trails. So again, no matter what kind of bike you ride, educate yourself for your safety and the safety of others.

Proper bicycling instruction takes the guesswork out of your ride.

There is much more to know after learning how to pedal. Watch the videos on bicycling skills, and you are sure to discover something new.

The YouTube video playlist includes bicycle safety education, bike trail rules, and bike helmet facts. Additional topics are safety goggles, biking sun protection, and biking hydration. Finally, I will show you bike tire repair, what to take along, and your pre-ride checklist. For example, are you prepared for the bike ride, or are you heading out without a checklist? 

Most bicyclists realize the importance of checking over the bicycle before the ride. They check air pressure, brake, and chain function. However, the items you take with you are also essential. Have an idea of how long the bike ride will be so that you can have enough water and fuel.

Your pre-ride routine must include certain essentials, such as a fully charged cell phone. Are you taking identification and a medical insurance card? Do you have some cash on your person? How are you carrying these items? 

To sum it up, view the bicycle education videos and remember to focus on safety. Then your ride will be more enjoyable.