Bicycle joy is an ongoing theme at the weight loss camp.

Single-speed beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and adult tricycles offer bicycle joy for fitness.

Joy of biking

The joy of biking is revisited daily on scenic outdoor paved trails, and Henderson is known for its dedicated bike trails throughout the city. Most overweight people starting or returning to activity do well with biking. Non-weight bearing and easy on the joints, bicycling increases both leg and lung power.

Bicycle instruction can help you get all the benefits of bicycling and stay safe while you’re riding. Bicycle education will make riding easier, safer, more comfortable & enjoyable. You’ll be safer and more confident on the road or the trail.

Fitness lifestyle habits include recreational activities and biking can be both social and fun. Add the accountability of another person or group with a commitment schedule. The best fitness practices are those that don’t require discipline or drudgery. Biking works every time.

Bike Outdoors

Biking outdoors with the blue skies of Southern Nevada banishes depression and elevates mood and disposition. Simple joys of life include the bicycle. To sum it up, there is joy in biking. Add the childlike enthusiasm of riding a bike, and you are off to a great time.

At my house, we practice the lifestyle, walk the walk and talk the talk. Shall I add that we “bike the bike?!”