Number One Best Fitness Retreat Camp for Men

Number One Best Fitness Retreat Camp for Men

Matt chose his best fitness retreat for a 5th annual visit from Denver.

The fitness camper returns for the fifth season, making it his choice for the best fitness retreat at the live-in weight loss camp in Henderson, Nevada, with Debra Stefan. See his video story explaining why it’s his best fitness retreat. He loves outdoor boot camp exercise and mountain biking in beautiful Southern Nevada.

Outdoor recreation is why Matt consistently chooses his best fitness retreat for a 5th annual visit from Denver.

Best fitness retreat – short keyword is Private. Keyword phrase is outdoor recreation.

Debra Stefan asks, “When do you draw a line in the sand for yourself? How high is the bar for your standard of fitness?”

Here’s a story about a repeat guest that frequently raises the bar for himself. 

Guests like Matt vote by returning to their choice of best fitness retreat. Keep in mind that not all of my guests present themselves at this level of ability.

I will assess, and then we progress.

“Hey guys, it’s Matt. I’m back here again at Debra Stefan, live-in fitness, and trying to get in peak shape for the summer.”

Television producers choose the best fitness retreat to interview. 

“And it’s run by personal trainer and former Las Vegas showgirl Debra Stefan.”

So, tell me about this program here. Why did you decide to set this up?

People in psychology have learned that it takes three weeks minimum to change a habit. So, I devised this live-in program so they come in residence and in 30 days you can change a person’s habits.

Matt, “We’re working out outside; all our workouts are pretty much outside. That’s the great thing about Henderson. The weather’s always great, so there’s a workout in the morning and one in the afternoon, and it’s cool enough in the evening to do stuff outside as well. I love it here!”

Matt explains why it’s his choice for the best fitness retreat.

One of the things that Debra is excellent at is motivating individuals based on their personalities. She knows enough to push the right buttons and, you know, gives you space when you need it.

Another thing I love about Debra Stefan’s fitness camp is how she changes up what we do daily.

The venue of the exercise was constantly changing and always different. We might have a day of mountain biking down at lake mead in the morning and then do an indoor workout if it’s windy outside or if it’s nice, go to the sports court and do exercises there. Every day what we did was unique. We never got bored; it’s always exciting, and she definitely knows her stuff.

Another great thing…

about the training you get here with Debra is personal attention to your fitness level. All the exercises that she shows you are their variations based on your ability. So whether you’re not new to fitness and just trying to improve your current level of fitness or whether you have no fitness, she tailors the exercises and the programs to your individual requirements and needs.

About the training you get at Debra Stefan Fitness retreat and how structured it is daily. 

We know when we get up, we know when we’re going to work out, down to the daily nutritional meal journal that we keep to track what we’re eating and even when we’re eating to make sure that we’re eating at the right time. 

Specialized skills training makes it the best fitness retreat available.

The other great thing is how tailored it is to your individual needs and goals. While here at Debra’s live-in fitness camp, I’ve been able to learn how to jump rope properly and do all sorts of routines associated with jump roping. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about how that would go, but I’ve really taken to it and planned to incorporate that into my future training. I’m doing things like double-unders and all sorts of tricks that look cool in the gym and definitely get your heart going. With the jump rope, you can tailor the exercise specifically to what you want to get out of it. So, if you really want to get your heart moving, you can do specific exercises with the jump rope, versus if you’re in between exercises and trying to bring your heart down, you can do routines specific to bring your heart down. So definitely taken to that plan to incorporate that in my future training.

No day is the same, and it’s always interesting and exciting and fun.

One of my favorite things about being here at her live-in fitness camp has been all the great mountain biking we’ve been able to do. Initially, I could only achieve about an eight-mile bike ride, but at the end of my 28 days, I am able to complete a 42-mile bike ride in some amazingly beautiful locations here in Henderson, Nevada.

So, every day what we did was unique and never got old, never became a routine.

She definitely knows her stuff.

Debra’s 24/7-month-long program instills a lifestyle change. No machines. The human body is the machine.

Number ONE Private Fitness Retreat 5th Annual Visit