Bike Camp Route Favorites

Bike Camp Route Favorites Bike Camp Route Favorites are safe, well-maintained asphalt paved trails. Among the popular daily bike routes is the Clark County Wetlands Trail.   The morning bike routes allow plenty of conditioning rides such as the Wetlands trail from the Sunrise Trailhead to Lake Las Vegas. Bike camp cyclists with good endurance enjoy riding [...]

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Biking Camp Trims Aussie Waistline for 7th Annual Retreat

Ben completed his 7th annual biking camp coming to my fitness residence from Australia.  His average stay has been 4-6 weeks in residence to lose weight and increase fitness. Ben has attended the live-in fitness camp at all different times of year and calls it an “evergreen” program. It is effective any time or [...]

Private Fitness Retreat for 400-Pound Man

Private Fitness Retreat for 400-Lb. Man How does a private fitness retreat begin workouts for a 400-pound man? Before attending the private fitness retreat he had lost interest in participating in life. At age 19, Steven's weight peaked due to sedentary years of video games.  Outdoor activities along with the formation of new healthy [...]

Senior Fitness Retreat Workouts | Stability Ball Exercises Help Daily Activities of Living

Senior Fitness Retreat Workouts | Stability Exercises Senior Fitness Retreat Workouts at my place will always include stability ball exercises.  That goes with client workouts for any age. Also included is the Bosu. Most people refer to it as the half ball. more on Bosu training... These ball progressions helps the ability to perform movements required for daily [...]

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Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Loses 36″

Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Takes 7.5" Off Waist I lost 36” total, including 7.5” waist, 6” hips, 6” back, 3” each thigh and 1.5” from my neck in eight weeks averaging 4Lbs loss per week. I can now carry my grandchild! Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Shrinks Waist  7.5" in 8 Weeks [...]

Weight Loss Retreat Reality TV | Debra Stefan Fitness

“After much research, we found the most private location with the highest reputation." Weight Loss Retreat Reality TV at Debra Stefan Live-in Retreat TV reality stars came to Debra’s weight loss retreat for an outdoor workout adventure. Debra Stefan live-in weight loss retreat is a private location serving invited guests only. German billionaire, Bastian Yotta and [...]

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Weight Loss Fitness Camp-UK to Las Vegas

I decided that she offered the best place for me... exactly what I needed--a home away from home. I really enjoyed my stay and the results are amazing! The variety of exercises done both indoors and outdoors gave me back my enjoyment for fitness. I have relearned the tools to reach my weight loss [...]

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