Adult Obesity Camp Rates | Success Stories at Obesity Camp for Adults

Adult Obesity Camp Success Stories

Adult Obesity Camp Success Stories, Rates at Debra Stefan Weight loss Camp since 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adult Obesity Camp for Live-In Weight Loss Guests

Debra’s obesity camps for adults provide residential accommodations for Adult Obesity Camp guests since 2008. Seasonally, a drop-in program is available. Zoom online coaching, too!

The camp provides support, accountability, and training for Adult Obesity Camp guests in fitness and weight loss.

Uniquely, these services are available to clients with morbid to severe obesity. In addition, the small-scale personal coaching accommodates those not suited for other camps or retreats.

The adult weight loss camp offers 6-day drop-in access on a limited basis. Prepayment with registration confirms your commitment. Just decide on the hours you are available that your schedule permits. Make the decision, and show up. The rest is easy and fun.

Adult obesity camp activities for large people with size limitations begin early morning, 6 AM to 8 PM seasonally.

Outdoor workout times vary seasonally. Personal training sessions base on the capabilities of the larger clients after an individual assessment.

Drop-in day adult obesity camp services are seasonally available with a schedule upon request. If you are a candidate for this program, feel free to click the button to CONTACT DEBRA.

Clients in excess of 100+ lbs:

Length of Stay Total Price Price / Week Price / Day
One Week $2,625 $2,625 $375
Two Weeks $4,900 $2,450 $350
Three Weeks $6,825 $2,275 $325
Four Weeks $8,400 $2,100 $300
Five Weeks $10,500 $2,100 $300

Clients in excess of 150+ lbs:

Length of Stay Total Price Price / Week Price / Day
One Week $2,975 $2,975 $425
Two Weeks $5,600 $2,800 $400
Three Weeks $7,875 $2,625 $375
Four Weeks $9,800 $2,450 $350
Five Weeks $12,250 $2,450 $350

The ABOVE listed rates include the upgrade for adult obesity camp guests.

Services include room accommodations, personal training, and wellness coaching by Debra Stefan, the residential retreat personal trainer. Also included are nutritional supervision and your choice of authorized foods provided for four self-prepared meals plus up to two shakes. To view the accommodations, click here.

“Since coming to Debra’s depression no longer has a hold on me. I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.”

Josh, Age 27
Henderson, NV

“I traveled 3000 miles from Boston, left my family in charge of my business to seek this help I so desperately needed. I finally found success.”

Al, Age 49

22 Lbs in 19 Days!

“I was looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle. Living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered.”

Y.S. age 29
Washington, DC

500 Lbs Down 50 Lbs PLUS Feeling FIT

“Debra will be with you every step of the way to see that you succeed in overcoming all obstacles.”

Philip, Age 51
San Antonio, TX


Adult Obesity Camp 75 Lbs. 70 Days
Mens Weight Loss Retreat, Las Vegas, NV

Men’s Weight Loss Retreat, Las Vegas, NV

Former heavyweight collegiate wrestler, Corey never dreamed that adult obesity camp would be in his future.

Corey gradually slipped into a sedentary lifestyle for 20 years due to his dedication to driving for the family trucking business. To compound the situation, a year and a half ago a serious motorcycle accident resulted in 6 weeks of hospitalization. The debilitating pain and muscle atrophy caused him to slip even further down the spiral of inactivity. His weight crept up. Long after healing, his body weight topped at 450 lbs.


Morbidly Obese Man Down 42 Lbs 28 days
Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Retreat Yields 7

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss Retreat Yields 7″ off Belly 28 Days

James lost 7″ off his waist–other adult obesity camps didn’t teach the daily preparation of meals.

At previous other camps, all weight loss was quickly regained upon returning home.

In four weeks at Debra’s live-in weight loss retreat, he lost 42 pounds and 7 inches off his belly. Learning the proper way to shop and prepare his daily meals was the key to a new lifestyle. At previous other camps, all weight loss was quickly regained upon returning home. Consequently, meals prepared for him didn’t teach him what to do at home.

His “bad back” turned out to be a weak back.

Strategic progressions for strengthening his entire back and core enabled him to overcome his fear involving his back. Soon, weaknesses quickly become new strengths when using the proper approach. See his video testimonial showing his activity while at the private residential weight loss retreat.


Morbidly Obese Man Down First 50Lbs

500 Pounds and Heading to Obesity Camp for Adults

Sports injuries from his active years compounded by a bodyweight close to 500 pounds became a serious concern. As a much-loved family man, he heard about his weight from his parents, brother, and his teenage son. So naturally, they couldn’t bear to see him continue to decline.

Solomon was on a downward spiral, and nothing he tried helped. He had lost control of his weight and his health.

So he signed on at Debra’s for a two-month stay. During that time, he progressed from walking with a cane to trekking poles. The fitness poles redistributed his body weight onto his upper body and core.

Next, he began riding the industrial trike. Then, he found a new way to lift weights on the Duraball Pro stability ball. The ball eased his back and strengthened his core. Soon, he could do more movements and rediscover things he hadn’t done in years.

Solomon’s success through nutrition and exercise confirmed a new set of habits that went home with him.

Solomon, Age 51
San Antonio, TX


Morbidly Obese Man 435Lbs

We could hear Josh coming from the next room. His labored breathing gave him the nickname of Darth Vader.  It wasn’t long before he began to enjoy being active again. Here’s the story about his time at my fitness residence as only he can tell it.

“The best thing that has happened since coming to Debra’s at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness is that I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.”

Depression no longer has a hold on me because I have the key to attaining my goals and it has even empowered me to start my own business. My life is now under my control and so are my habits. The choices I now make bring me closer to attaining my health goals instead of defeating me.”

Josh, 436 pounds, Age 27
Henderson, NV


Morbidly Obese Man 500Lbs


Adult Obesity Camp 500Lbs. Woman Obesity Camp for Adults


Morbidly Obese Fitness Clients Adult Obesity Camp 450Lbs. Woman


Morbidly Obese Client 400Lbs. Man at Obesity Camp for Adults

He was humiliated, when a customer had to help him to his feet during an inspection.

“So, I traveled 3,000 miles from Boston and left my family in charge of the business to seek help I desperately needed. Living the fitness and weight loss life has set the stage for a lifestyle. I truly believe it will extend the fun years of my life beyond what I could ever imagine.

Meet Al from Boston, 380 Lbs., age 49

When he first realized that his size was a mobility concern, his authority as a water damage restoration expert, required him to get down and back up to inspect for black mold. He was humiliated, when a customer had to help him to his feet during an inspection. Then, Al promised himself that would never happen again.

When his wife questioned how the business would manage with him going to weight loss camp for six weeks, he asked her, “Seriously, what would you do if you lost me forever?” A reality check, for certain.

Debra taught us a balance of nutrition, fitness, and a weight training progression that has no end.

The goal is lifelong fitness to enjoy the feeling of wellness and good health. Thank You, Debra Stefan; I finally found success.”

Al, 380 Lbs., Age 49


400 Lb Man Biking at Private Fitness Retreat

What does a 400-pound nineteen-year-old do as a morbidly obese fitness camp guest?

As a video game recluse living a sedentary life, wrong choices sabotaged his young future. Going to a gym meant embarrassment. How could he bring himself to register for college or be seen among peers? So, participating in life was not his first choice.

Video games became his only social interaction.

Unfortunately, video games did not allow him to form real friendships. Then, he got tools to turn himself around at the private fitness camp without going to the gym. Outdoor activities and a private residential fitness retreat taught him a new game. This game was not played on a video screen yet featured him as the winner.


Morbidly Obese Man from Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas Retreat

20 Days from Saudi Arabia as a Guest at Morbid Obesity Fitness Camp

Mahmood, Age 33, 390Lbs.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Morbidly Obese Man at Las Vegas Retreat

22 Lbs. in 19 Days!

“First, I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. Rocky Balboa’s ‘That’s how winning is done!’ has a whole new meaning to anyone who spent time with Debra at her fitness and weight loss residence. In fact, Debra’s place is a beacon of honest to god weight loss. There you will lose weight the old-fashioned way: by working your butt off and having fun while nourishing your body with proper nutrition.

Living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered

So, I was looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle, and living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered. Learning what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle is to juggle priorities while still eating right and exercising. Now, when I return home to my family, I have all the tools to complete the transformation of my body.”

Y.S. age 29
Washington, DC


Morbidly Obese Fitness Clients 300Lbs. Man

30-Day Weight Loss Retreat 25Lbs, 200 Biking Miles at the Adult Obesity Camp

Don found that a 30-Day stay at Debra’s Adult Obesity Camp convince him that weight training and bicycling are his new favorite activities. He also learns that he could remain active while being mindful of his back condition. Soon the weak back became stronger and the pain is self-managed without medication. Mindful movement and sensible exercise activities protected him while he makes progress.

A failed bariatric surgery, high blood pressure, a debilitating back condition, depression, anxiety… all became non-issues within a few weeks. Funny, how Mother Nature comes through for you when you get back to the basics of eating food in the most natural state. Turns out, how easy it is to be active when you take action outside of the gym. So, just make a lifestyle you can live with and make your habits a fast track to health.

Don, age 39
Boulder City, NV