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Weight Loss Camp Accommodations Debra Stefan Fitness Residence

Weight loss camp accommodations offer lifestyle–not a hotel room.

Weight loss camp accommodations can be a difficult decision unless you can picture some of the details to wrap your mind around being there.

Viewing weight loss camp accommodations via slide show with testimonials by actual clients is the next best thing to a real tour.

View all weight loss camp accommodations, rooms and common areas then consider this your private area for obtaining your goals. At Debra Stefan Live in Fitness, weight loss camp is 24/7 365. Booking is limited because this is a home and not a facility or an institution. Debra Stefan Fitness is a private residence and a discreet fitness getaway hosting you for fitness and weight loss services.

Weight Loss Camp Accommodations

Weight Loss Camp Accommodations

This is an actual home and not a “facility” such as a commercial business is open for public tours. Debra Stefan Fitness is licensed as a non-commercial business and is not subject to public disclosure of location and is not listed on Google Places for this reason. Furthermore, security guard access is required in order to enter the private community. Rest assured that your experience will be protected should you come in house.

Privacy and discretion are valued at the live-in residence. Celebrities, individuals of high profile status and anyone else seeking a safe haven where they can go under the radar come here to focus on personal goals. Therefore, non-client visits are not allowed.

View the slide show below to see weight Loss Camp accommodations room by room, including all common areas. Then consider Debra Stefan Fitness Residence for your private arena in obtaining your goals. At Debra’s house, weight loss camp is 24/7 365 days a year. Booking is limited because this is not a facility or an institution, but a private residence and discreet fitness getaway.

In a private secluded residence overlooking a panoramic desert mountain vista to the east and the Las Vegas skyline to the west, your adventure will begin.

Your discreet fitness getaway transforms you by way of a whole new set of habits toward, eating, drinking, sleeping, and being active. Your live-in fitness trainer and host, Debra Stefan will guide you through the day-to-day process of losing weight while gaining fitness. The focus is not on calorie deprivation, but on proportions of proper nutrients to spare muscle and melt fat.

Weight loss camp accommodations include all guest rooms offered as private  (semi-private optional) bedrooms with the option of a shared bath or a private suite which contains a private bath. Two private suites are available; one is upstairs while the other is located downstairs. For a private suite with private bath add $50 to the daily rates. In the video below you can view individual slides of each room and all common areas of the live-in fitness residence.

Training includes activities in and around the residence, as well as outdoor areas and a 5,000 square foot sports court. Weight loss camp accommodations include your room, bath and common living areas with WiFi. Food and airport transportation is provided for all guests at the residence. Success comes quickly when you do all the right things at the same time.

The weight loss camp accommodations slideshow is a private link and can only be accessed here.
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