Mens Fitness Camp, Las Vegas NV

Mens Fitness Camp helped him survive after chemo and add another year of health.

Mens fitness camp attracts clients for many reasons.

His reason was to fight cancer and live another year.

Hi this is Tony McConaghy. In October of 2012 I spent 28 days with Debra Stefan. I stayed at her beautiful home in Henderson, Nevada. I went to the fitness camp after having rods placed in my back in April of 2011. By September of the same year I had started having pains in my body, and on December 26th I found out I had cancer, and started chemo for the next six months. I also had a stroke in May of last year that took out half of my eyesight. I recovered from the stroke and I am cancer free for now. In September I called Debra and decided to go to her mens fitness camp in October. When I got to her place I could hardly walk up to the second floor. I think Debra helped me recover stronger then ever. I lift 5 to 6 days a week and feel great. I feel I have a new lease on life and thank you Debra.

Tony McConaghy, Age 53
Albuquerque, NM

During his 4-week stay at mens fitness camp, he still had the chemo port in his chest. He told the doctor he didn’t want to delay rebuilding his body another day, so the port removal had to wait. He loaded up his bicycle and headed to southern Nevada to men’s fitness camp. Cycling, weight lifting and daily outdoor adventures lifted his spirits in the sunshine. There has never been a more motivated client at the mens fitness camp and his enthusiasm was contagious. The other men worked hard alongside their comrade whose inner strengths fortified every effort.

All three men at the private mens fitness camp vowed to revisit in 3 months for a fitness reunion. He was in the best shape of his life. A victory ride on the favorite bike trail commemorated the occasion. He was one to keep in touch with everyone else, but then his communications faded away. We learned that his cancer returned.

After building his body to the best shape ever, cancer struck again. This time he had a fighting chance. He had added muscle, raised his immune system and was ready for the battle. He claimed the reason for his intense drive at mens fitness camp was knowing that the cancer could return.

After another valiant battle of faith, he succumbed. The sweet memory of one who valued fitness for the sake of living just another year lives on at mens fitness camp.

Mens Fitness Camp 4 Weeks body building after chemo.