Annual Fitness Retreat–Fit for Forty

Former Athlete Attends Annual Fitness Retreat to Get in Shape for Forty
His annual fitness retreat took on a different meaning when facing forty. See how he got better, not just older at the live-in residential retreat. He had a set of age related goals that included being able to do a non-stop set of 40 […]

Fitness Holiday | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Retreat

Fitness Holiday in Las Vegas Attracts Aussie from Down Under

Weight Loss Camp for Men Attracts Australian Man to Las Vegas
In 30 Days Ben was down 15 Lbs on fitness holiday in Las Vegas
Thirty days on fitness holiday at Debra’s enabled Ben to avoid the usual tempting behaviors that had diminished his body and energy.

Ben Davidson embarked […]

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Weight Loss Camp for Men | 3-Week Comeback Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

 Weight Loss Camp for Men at Las Vegas Live-in Retreat Camp
Jason’s stay at the weight loss camp for men resulted in success averaging a 1 Lb daily weight loss and 4″ off his belly; he couldn’t be more on his way toward maintaining his former physique goals.

Jason worked out for 3 weeks at Las Vegas […]

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Mens Weight Loss Camp Rebuilt Tony After Chemo | Las Vegas

Mens Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas Rebuilt Former Athlete After Chemo
At the Private Residential Mens Weight Loss Camp Gave Him A New Wellness Routine
The camaraderie among the three men who met for the first time at Debra’s fitness residence fueled them exponentially toward their goals. It was amazing to be around. The men supported […]

Senior Weight Loss Camp | Fit for 70 in Las Vegas

At Men’s Senior Weight Loss Camp David Fulfilled His Own Self-Promises.

Regaining former fitness was a long-standing goal for David when he eagerly joined two other men at the private residential weight loss camp.

He had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape. A lifelong promise was to […]

Senior Weight Loss Camp Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Fit for 80

Mens Fitness Retreat | Work-Around Strategy for Residential Weight Loss

Mens Fitness Retreat | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Workout Strategies
How can a 450 Lb Man at a Mens Fitness Retreat work out to lose weight?
Mens fitness retreat strategies abide by the training philosophy that whatever it is a man is inclined to enjoy doing is what he will likely do most frequently. At my training residence the goal […]