30 Day Weight Loss Retreat 25Lbs, 200 Miles Cycled Renewed Confidence

At the 30- day weight loss retreat it was so simple.
All he needed to do to turn around his health was to replace his lifestyle habits with new ones. How to break the old habits? Easy. Just stop, drop and live in a new Weight Loss Retreat environment conducive to making the right choices and […]

Morbidly Obese Woman from Stair Crawling to Climbing in 25 Days

To a morbidly obese woman, the thought of going upstairs was out of the question until Live-in Weight Loss coach, Debra Stefan encouraged her client to crawl to fitness.
Within 25 days, the extremely obese 41-year old woman announced she would walk up the same set of stairs.

This is quite a feat of accomplishment when coming from […]

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Cycling for Weight Loss and Fitness

Why Choose Cycling for Weight Loss?
Weight-bearing activities such as walking, running, and hiking can cause joint stress, inflammation and setbacks in training. Cross-training with a variety of non-weight bearing exercise is essential for continued fitness and weight loss progress and exercise adherence. Sometimes weight-bearing or impact exercise is simply not an option and cycling becomes […]

Downed Black Hawk Lady Gets Back Up at Womens Weight Loss Retreat

Golfing Again! 71 Year-Old Senior Fitness Retreat Camp Success

Senior Fitness Retreat Camp

71-Year Old Man Loses Weight, Gets Fit at Senior Fitness Retreat Camp
Fred never thought he would swing a golf club again.
Retirement boredom took him down the spiral of physical inactivity and lack of desire to hunt, fish or golf. His family knew that he had lost his enthusiasm for the passions that once […]

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Fitness Holiday | Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Retreat

Fitness Holiday in Las Vegas Attracts Aussie from Down Under

Weight Loss Camp for Men Attracts Australian Man to Las Vegas
In 30 Days Ben was down 15 Lbs on fitness holiday in Las Vegas
Thirty days on fitness holiday at Debra’s enabled Ben to avoid the usual tempting behaviors that had diminished his body and energy.

Ben Davidson embarked […]

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Mind Fitness | Inspirational Story

Here is the link to a short story of inspiration that I recorded for a Dr. Zannah Hackett.

It is inspirational and based on an actual place and events. A true mind fitness short story with a spiritual lesson learned. The school , The Valley of the Sun School was a refuge for mentally retarded children where love […]

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Weight Loss Camp | Exercise Motivation | Audio Affirmations

25 Compelling Exercise Affirmations from Weight Loss Camp Pros
Weight Loss Camp utilizes powerful proven success strategies including positive affirmations

Whether you spend time at a weight loss camp or self-train, positive self-talk is crucial for success.

A version of this article by Debra Stefan was first published as Do Positive Affirmations Really Work? on Technorati.

Retraining your thinking is the […]

Fitness Holiday | Focus OFF Food to Beat Holiday Weight Gain

If your family gatherings normally revolve around food, it’s time to begin a new Fitness Holiday tradition.

Take the focus off of food, get people away from the buffet table, and do a fitness activity that everyone will enjoy.

Create a Fitness Holiday and play a game, make a holiday craft, dance to your favorite holiday tunes, […]

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Lifestyle Coaching Audios| 30 Prosperity Affirmations

Lifestyle Coaching Audios Courtesy of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Lifestyle Coaching Audios facilitate cognitive techniques that reset your thinking from hoping to believing and you don’t have to change your religion to make it work.

Lifestyle Coaching is what  I do here at my Las Vegas live-in Fitness and weight loss residence for 24/7 guests. So here is […]

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