Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson, Nevada 89011

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500LB Man Workout at Morbid Obesity Camp

How does a 500LB man work out at a Morbid Obesity Camp?
Weight loss boot camp progresses clients according to exercise readiness. What is “exercise readiness”? That means you are ready to do whatever you CAN do to achieve an increased activity level. So first weigh all risk factors over benefit of an exercise then choose […]

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Weight Loss Camp vs. Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Camp vs. Gastric Bypass
Weight Loss Camp Saved Him From Gastric Bypass Surgery
“Before I was chosen for a spot on NBC’s Biggest Loser, I was almost on the table for gastric bypass surgery,” says Eric Chopin, 2006 Biggest Loser champion. “At the last moment, I learned that NBC was casting for very overweight people […]

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Spring Break Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas 25 Lbs in 25 Days

Spring Break Fitness Retreat

Spring Break Fitness Retreat was Dad’s idea as he knew his daughter deserved more from fitness.
Spring Break Fitness Retreat started out with this hard-working and accomplished athlete weighing over twice her ideal body weight. Since adolescence, Karen made all the right moves to attain and maintain her status as a full-ride college tennis […]

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Senior Fitness Retreat Exercise | How to Train for Dog Walking

It is especially important that senior fitness retreat exercise gives much attention to lifestyle specific training.
Senior fitness retreat exercise selection is like sport specific training for athletes. Take dog walking, for example. Walking a dog is definitely an active lifestyle choice for many people. Like any activity, there are varying degrees of difficulty that present a […]

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Fitness Meditation for Those Who Can’t Sit Still |Fitness Camp

Fitness Meditation on a Stability Ball?

Paul Chek, the holistic guru and master trainer of the fitness industry for over 25 years, offers a great fitness meditation for those who are moving centered!

Paul offers a video on his post, “How to Meditate on a Swiss Ball”.

“If you are high energy, and the prospect of meditation just doesn’t […]

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Teen Weight Loss Camp Teaches Lifestyle Habits|Henderson

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Learn Proper Exercise Form |Debra Stefan Fitness

If you have followed the health and fitness lifestyle for very long, then you already know the importance in taking time to Learn Proper Exercise Form before working out.

However, many fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike will make some of the same mistakes. In your eagerness to get results you could be doing the very things […]

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Mens Fitness Camp, Las Vegas

Video Testimonial from Mens Fitness Camp in Vegas

How a 345 Lb 45-Yr-Old Man with a bad back used Mens Fitness Camp to lose weight and strengthen his Weak back in Las Vegas.

All too often a so-called “bad back” is just a weak back.

Maybe there was once an injury or a strain that caused pain and […]

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Mens Weight Loss Retreat Camp- Training Course, Las Vegas

David needed a “reset” to get back on track to regain his exercise motivation and physique.

Seeking a Live-in Fitness and Weight Loss Environment

After a comprehensive search, he found that Debra Stefan Fitness Residence in Las Vegas offers a Mens Weight Loss Retreat that was just what he needed. As a busy executive, he could only manage a four-day […]