Debra Stefan Fitness Residence

Debra Stefan Fitness Residence

Debra Stefan Fitness residence safeguards guest privacy in an upscale private guard-gated community.

Located on a golf course overlooking the Las Vegas valley and a scenic mountain range, Debra Stefan Fitness guest residence operates solely and is not affiliated with any other locations.  Since spring of 2008, Debra was the first to offer a “Live-in” residential weight loss and fitness program outside of the institutional format. She is a fitness speaker/educator, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, jump rope coach, and master yoga teacher with over 40 years as a fitness professional.

Since 1971 her wealth of professional fitness experience ranges from celebrities to stay-at-home moms, kids to seniors, undergrads to post-grads, and student to pro athletes. Inspired by the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Camp on NBC, training clients a few hours a week didn’t offer the opportunity to coach a complete lifestyle change. So it was time to make a bigger difference by opening the residence for live-in clients seeking fitness, weight loss and wellness. To date, clients have ranged from six-pack seekers to 500 Lbs morbidly obese and up to 79 years of age. Clients have traveled from as far away as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, Bermuda, and Canada to attend her private retreat. The blog is about Debra Stefan Fitness including client stories and videos about the daily pursuit of weight loss and health at the Las Vegas Fitness residence.

Feel free to Google “Debra Stefan Fitness” to find pages of search results identifying the involvement, expertise, and commitment behind the live-in weight loss retreat.  Learn more about your coach with whom you will interact daily. Fitness clients live and work out 24/7 while learning how to adapt  a new lifestyle to their own circumstances once they arrive back home. There is a real person behind the residential boot camps in Las Vegas.

Dr. Zannah Hackett is the consultant for Debra Stefan’s Residential Weight Loss Camp.

Founder of The Y.O.U. Consulting Group, The Y.O.U. Institute, and innovator of The Ultimate Life Tool technology, Dr. Zannah Hackett talks about Debra Stefan Fitness:

“As an observer and expert of human nature, I can honestly convey that the depth of service Debra Stefan provides with live-in program exceeds the majority of residential programs available today.  For those seeking to transform their life and their thought processes around staying healthy inside and out, Debra brings customized diversity in designing programs that can be used once they leave her mentorship as well as tools to help them in managing inevitable maintenance challenges that lie ahead.

As a Life Coach and accredited Relationship Technologist, I find it necessary to see each individual as perfect. Nature doesn’t make mistakes…man does. Debra Stefan knows this and respects each individual as they enter a commitment to restore themselves to their intended state of perfection. I highly recommend, endorse and encourage those who are feeling hopeless about their physical state as it relates to a need for weight loss, performance and/or feeling physically better to contact Debra Stefan at Las Vegas Live-In-Fitness today.  Once we are moving through life efficiently we begin to realize our purpose for being here.  Debra Stefan’s 42 years of experience exemplifies excellence in cultivating human performance.”

Dr. Zannah Hackett Founder of The YOU Institute
ULT Technology Advanced Human Assessment Technology

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Read Dr. Hackett’s interview with Debra

Q. How long have you been in the fitness industry?
Professionally, I started a 2-year teaching tenure for the Integral Yoga Institute of Los Angeles full time in 1971. Before that I taught casually as a teenager after school.

Q. At what age did you recognize your passion for understanding movement as it relates to human performance?

I grew up at a time when girls were not promoted in athletics. My most outstanding efforts were on my pogo stick breaking my own records and personal bests. At 9 years old I checked out library book called “Ballet for Beginners” and used the footboard of my bed as a ballet barre.  Since I didn’t have any other opportunities available, I waited until I was a teen to pay for my yoga and ballet classes.

Q. Much like a prodigy, you experienced success and respect from the fitness and dance industry as a young adult. Did you find yourself opting to bypass the intellectual route in exchange for the experiential one?

There just weren’t relevant educational options available when I started out. In fact, I was in the industry before it was an industry. I built my foundation of teaching movement  skills from the yoga institute and it still serves me well today. Independent study, conferences, seminars, and hands-on experience and working with clients continue to educate me.

Q. Given that you now have more man hours in physically addressing obesity from a hands on 24/7 perspective, possibly than anyone in the business today…what would you advise young trainers seeking to pursue a similar career?

I recommend doing a special populations outreach for your chosen demographic. “Fitness at Large” is an exercise program I created and facilitated for extra large people.  However, I have learned the lesson many times over that the most successful clients have been required to make a commitment to participate. Without that there is just not enough accountability. The most effective form of commitment still remains to be a financial one. Create some paid programs and start by facilitating this type of outreach for large people. You will gain a better understanding of their fears and emotional challenges.  “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” is the lesson I have learned.

Q. What are 3 of your most notable moments of recognition?

1) When I auditioned and became Folies Bergere Showgirl, performed abroad and then an MGM performer.
2) September 6, 1981 I made Sunday headlines because I broke the Guinness World Record for Jumping Rope in a solo charity fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy.
3) Acceptance of the jump rope courses I developed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the State Board of Education as an accredited instructor.

ALSO… When my first morbidly obese client lost 100 Lbs and regained athleticism during his stay with me.

Q. When did you decide to switch from general fitness training to focusing on those suffering from obesity?

I help clients of all genres, from youths to elderly. It’s not really that I consider myself to be a generalist, because I have specialized experience, expertise and compassion for each of these unique demographics. I have been consistently successful in helping them all. My primary focus in helping the people who come to me is toward manifesting a permanent wellness lifestyle change. Seeing the Biggest Loser convinced me that through national media there was a new awareness encouraging the obese population. I could take my fitness services to the next level by opening my residence to live-in weight loss clients.

Q. How many men versus women have you trained over the last 10 years?

Although I have had a good share of both genders, I compiled a 2014 video review of my top 25 weight loss camp men, whereas the women’s version was only 14. Men are more willing to share their results on the Internet, therefore, I have more men’s content.

Q. What sets Live-In Fitness apart from other similar services today?

Las Vegas Live-in Fitness services are conducted in a real home, a real residential weight loss experience teaching habits that can easily transfer from my home to the client’s home. My ability to adapt client training and create unique “work around” methods is something that has generated the praise that clients especially appreciate.

Q. What role does self-esteem play in addressing a person’s ability to succeed in your program?

Clients come into my residence with a very low esteem because they have lost the ability to control their weight. They don’t feel worthy or capable of doing so. My goal as a fitness professional is to enable clients to overcome these issues as they gain control and self-esteem.

Q. How long does it take for someone to begin to see results?

Routinely, they start to feel better after the first day. When you start doing all the right habits all at once there is a huge contrast from how you were feeling before. Live-in clients can expect to see noticeable weight loss results in the first week. Within 10 days to 2 weeks they see muscle tone increase and fitness levels greatly improved.

Q.Are there you tube videos available for those interested in exploring this opportunity to maximize their health?

Currently, there are 150+ videos on my YouTube channels and linking into the site. All results, videos, and testimonials are completely voluntary by actual clients who want to pay it forward to encourage others, as they were encouraged to make their transformations.

Q. How can people learn more and get in touch with you?

By coming to the site and reviewing the FAQ and videos. Once they have done their research, its important that they be serious about entering this program before calling. The Live-in Retreat hosts only a few private residential clients at a time for one-on-one and semi-private personal training and weight loss coaching. Therefore, my available phone time is limited due to a full daily schedule devoted to servicing in-house clients.

Watch Live-in-Fitness with Debra Actual events by Debra Stefan and Associates promoting fitness for special populations.