400-Pound Man Workout at Private Fitness Camp

Private Fitness Camp for 400-Lb. Man

Private Fitness Retreat 400 Lb Man Biking

How does a 400-pound man workout begin? At age 19, Steven’s weight peaked due to sedentary years of video games.  He had lost interest in participating in life. Outdoor activities along with a private residential fitness retreat taught him a new game.

At 400 pounds and age 19, he had lost interest in participating in life.

A concerned family member contacted me regarding 19-year-old Steven. As an avid video gamer, he had aspirations of becoming a mega champion someday. No one understood his passion for playing games in his room day in and day out. An entire year had passed after graduating high school and no college registration. Sadly, he had earned an academic scholarship but could not bring himself to take advantage of it. Apparently, his weight had escalated to over 400 pounds due to his sedentary habits.

His dilemma? The extreme dedication to his video gaming goals had brought on the extra weight. His weight was stopping him from having the self-confidence to begin college with his peers.

He agreed to commit to 4 weeks living in a total immersion program and he turned himself around without being in a gym.

A scheduled regimen of whole foods and a reasonable exercise progression became his new lifestyle. New activities replaced sedentary habits. Having never lifted a weight prior to his 4-week workout program, Steven took to the dumbbells and barbells. Steven found new strengths in weight lifting that boosted his confidence and personal drive. His dumbbell chest presses climbed the weight rack up to 40 pounds for 6 repetitions. Barbell deadlifts culminated with a victory set of 200 Lbs. for six repetitions. Steven learned how to evaluate his lifting workouts for appropriate weight increases and how to progress his exercise regimen.

He became a master of his physique progress.

Being on the 4-week program gave him the opportunity to gain skill in a variety of exercise modalities. Swimming and bicycling became mainstays for cardio, but jump rope captured his interest for the long haul. He readily caught on to the cornerstone techniques and freestyle. Adding jumps interspersed with non-jumping freestyle maneuvers enabled him to move continuously. Personal music added to his enjoyment of the jump rope activity and he made it his own. At age 19, his joints are strong and jumps are controlled with minimum impact. Steven chose jump rope for his cardio of choice. The first thing on his list of things to pack in his gym bag was a jump rope.

See Steven’s short testimonial video to see highlights of 4 weeks of activity.

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400-Pound Man Workout at Private Fitness Camp

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